LeBron Stays On Top, Watkins Moves Up

There was very little doubt that LeBron James was going to be the number one ranked player by for the 2003 class. He is an outstanding talent. The big question for James is whether he will be able to forge the same identity on the professional level, much like what Kobe Bryant has accomplished.
Besides James, some of the players that moved up on our 2003 list included David Padgett, who is a terrific big man and major impact player. Padgett is a tough player too. Once he adds some pounds and muscle to his frame, he is going to be a lottery pick someday in the NBA draft.
Center Darryl Watkins also jumped on our list. He was very active and showed a great deal of skill and strength this season for his high school team. He is one of the few remaining players left in the 2003 class. also added Alexander Johnson to the list. The reason being is Johnson is a member of this class now that he is open in his recruiting process. He is likely to make a decision soon. We wanted to make sure fans had an idea on where he stacked up against the other players in the 2003 class.
This list had input from Denny Conroy, Russ Blake, Brian Towey, and Tim Watts. In the future, Shay Wildeboor will also have a say in how we rank the players. In the next week, we will also publish a top 2004 list.
Here is the link to the 2003 rankings: 2003 Rankings Updated On April 22nd