Lebron Makes An Appearance

Like a movie star, Lebron James is constantly eyed by basketball nuts when he makes his way into an event. Last night was no different as James came from the NIKE camp to attend the ADIDAS camp in Teaneck, New Jersey.
James sported a blue shirt with the number "3" on his back and the name "Wagner" at the top of his shirt. He also sported a cast on his left arm, the one he broke playing ball.
James was listed in the ABCD book and was supposed to play at this event. But since he hurt himself, the 6-6 star rising senior from the state of Ohio decided to grab some love from first the people of NIKE and now the people of ADIDAS.
Before any college basketball elevates his or her excitement about the possibility James might play for their favorite school, forget it. James is here for a future contract. NIKE and ADIDAS are battling it out big time to land this incredible talent when James places his name into the 2003 June NBA draft.
If the Cleveland Cavaliers land the first pick, James will be drafted number one for sure. But it's almost a sure bet that no matter who lands the first pick in the NBA draft next year, James will be the first name called out by David Stern at the podium.