LeBron James Says College Still Possible

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"TEANECK, NEW JERSEY -- "College is still under consideration," LeBron James said during a press conference this morning at the adidas ABCD camp on the campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University.'s number one rising senior, showed up at the Rothman Center yesterday, as Mike Sullivan reported.
But that wasn't the opening topic of discussion, at least after he talked about his recovery from the broken left wrist suffered last month. Will it be adidas or Nike? Reports had indicated that the opening bid is $20 million. His mother Gloria, said, when asked why not talk the money now, "We're smarter than that." LeBron, noting that he wants to get a house for his family who have been living in an apartment, "We've waited this long, we can wait a couple more years."
"College is still there," James said. "I'm keeping all my options open." His mother added, "We're getting letters all the time." But with the expectation that he would be the number one pick in the 2003 NBA draft, it's as likely that he will go pro. There's a possibility that Cleveland could get the first bid. Course since his stepdad, Eddie Jackson, added when talking about a house, "There are a lot better places than Akron." So location may not matter when he decides between the NBA and college. And neither shoe company has an edge. James had been to the Nike All-American camp earlier this week.
His top five schools are North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Ohio State and Lousiville. "North Carolina has a great tradition," James explained. "Duke is close by and there's a great rivalry (with North Carolina). Louisville, Rick Pitino is a great coach. Ohio State is right down the road. And I like the style of play at Florida. The best players get time; freshmen get a chance to play if they deserve it."
As for his recovery, James said that last Monday the cast, which had gone to his upper arm, was cut to below the elbow. "I can shoot now. Since the cast went on, I've been using the stationary bike."
He also talked about how he deals with the attention. "I like it," he said. "Rather have you guys in my face than being ignored. I'm the same guy I was last year except a little bigger." How big. He said 6-7, but his mom said 6-8. Both agreed on 235 pounds.