Lawson will be a Boilermaker

Purdue has a track record of finding guys that fit their style and working wonders with them. This weekend, that reputation played a big part and landing Jacob Lawson.
According to Tony Edwards of Lawson's summer program the CP3 All-Stars, Purdue's history with tweeners played a huge role in landing the 6-foot-7 forward out of Oak Ridge (NC) Military Academy.
"They've got a history of developing bigs who are kind of tweeners," Edwards told "He was looking for a school with great academics and a high major conference. Also, he was willing to leave North Carolina to find those things."
One of the more athletic players in the class of 2011, Lawson is a highlight reel dunker and shot blocker. His offense is coming along and he's got terrific upside if he an continue to add to his game on the offensive end.
"They are getting a kid with a tremendous motor and he's a tremendous athlete," said Edwards. "His first impact is going to be on defense, from the help side. Once they start working with him they are going to see they've got a guy who can help them out in a lot of ways."