Last Weekends Other Events

There were some other good events last weekend other than the events in Las Vegas and D.C. The Tennessee Travelers hosted an event as did the Dallas Mustangs. The Mustangs came out on top of their event, while the Travelers’ event only had round robin play. Here is a quick rundown of note worthy news from these two events.
2005 shooting guard prospect Jarvis Hill, 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, was the name mentioned most often by those at the Traveler’s event. Hill has a smooth stroke, strong body, and knows how to play.
Reginald Delk and Richard Delk led the Midstate Ballerz to a 4-0 record with wins over the Alabama Challenge, Alabama Lasers, and Tennessee Travelers. The Lasers were without Richard Hendrix, and The Travelers were without Jamont Gordon.

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Coach Charlie Benson said Gordon looked more comfortable and played better at his natural shooting guard position than he has been playing at the point guard position. Gordon is great with the ball when he is leading the charge in the open court, but he is not very adept at handling the ball at a slower pace when under pressure. The time at point guard early this spring was good for the left handed Gordon in that it showed him he needs to improve his dribbling with his right hand.
6-foot-11, 210-pound Jonathan Huffman out of Central Park High School in Montgomery, Alabama played well for the Alabama Challenge against the Midstate Ballerz. Ballerz coach Jeremy Shulman said Huffman was tough inside and looked comfortable on the perimeter, even hitting a three pointer. The big man has a lot of upside as well.
In Dallas Byron Eaton and Gary Flowers played well in leading the Mustangs to the championship. Eaton did not always score a lot of points, but he was very good in all other respects, and Flowers showed a lot of versatility to his game.
Yet the player mentioned the most by those scouting and coaching at the event is Anthony Mason, Jr. of the Memphis Bulldogs. The son of NBA player Anthony Mason is on the verge of “blowing up” this summer and becoming a sought after high major prospect. Rousean Cromwell looked good for the Bulldogs as well.
Jovan Adams put up big numbers and played well for the Houston Elite. Gerald Green put up numbers as well. The knock on Green is that he is not a physical player, but Elite coach Rick Nelson said Green is improving in that area.
Remember the name Albert Turley. The 6-foot-8, 240-pound 2007 prospect is a load inside and can run like a deer according to his coach Rick Nelson. And Nelson was not the only person raving about the big freshman.