Kris Humphries Has Visit List

Kris Humphries is going to be one of those dream prospects that every high major coach would love to have in his program from the Class of 2003. He is also the type of young man that makes a father proud. His dad, William, is proud to say the least.
Humphries is a terrific student. He has already achieved a 3.6 GPA. "All we ask of him is to continue to work hard in the classroom," Mr. Humphries said. "And work hard on the court."
Well, Mr. Humphries can take a great deal of satisfaction in knowing is son is living up to those lofty standards in both areas. Kris is averaging 28 points and 17 rebounds per contest. Not only does Humphrey make an impact scoring and rebounding the ball, he averages six assists and three steals. He is the complete player.
It's because of these reasons Kris is one of these more highly recruited players in the class of 2003. "We are going to visit Arizona on January 19th," Mr. Humphries said. "This is a chance to watch the Arizona and UCLA basketball game."
In addition, there are more trips being planned. "(Kris will) additional visits to Louisville, Kansas, and North Carolina," Mr. Humphries said. "Tennessee might be added to (visit list)."
Mr. Humphries pointed out his son Kris is wide open and is considering other schools. The list is long but the major names appear to be on it. Florida, Michigan State, Georgetown, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, and Kentucky are also being seriously considered.
Humphries comes from an excellent athletic background. His dad was a football player at the University of Minnesota while his mom was a collegiate rower. His sister is currently on scholarship as a swimmer at Texas.
And when one takes a look at Humphries, it's very evident that he has a background in swimming as well, as he is exceptionally agile for his size and has a sleek greyhound type of build. He does not appear to have an ounce of fat on his frame.
This past spring and summer, Humphries made a name for himself playing for the Howard Pulley Panthers' traveling program. He has the size to play inside, yet also displayed some skills on the perimeter. As a result, he likely projects as a combo forward at the Division I level.
Kris said that many factors will go into his decision-making process.
"I want to come in and play right away, and get in a winning program," he said. "I want to be around good players where I can win with them and have a good coach."
Humphries has been invited to both the Nike and adidas shoe camps next year, and he said he really has not yet made any decisions about which one he'll attend or what team he will suit up for next spring and summer.
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