Kostic Coming Over To States

Ivan Kostic already has a reputation in the United States as being a pretty good basketball player. But many really won't get their first look of this foreigner until he puts on the Brewster Academy uniform this Fall. According to Brewster Academy head coach Jason Smith, Kostic should be in school soon.
"He has been having problems with his visa," Smith said of the 6-7 shooting guard. "But I think he will be enrolled this week."
Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that Kostic is missing a lot of school, Ivan has already achieved a 1200 on his SAT. He also claims a 3.8 GPA. So Ivan is all set academically. Plus, he's a pretty good basketball player and it's likely many division one programs will be visiting Brewster to take a look at Kostic.
"Ohio State and Pepperdine have already called," Smith said. "So they know about him and they know how good he is."
Kostic plays for the junior National team for the country of Spain. So he has had his fair share of playing against stiff competition. We will keep you posted on his recruiting process too.