Kingwood Spotlight: Cole Aldrich

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Cole Aldrich likes a crowd and the 6-foot-10, 235-pound center from Bloomington (Minn.) Jefferson High School hopes there is a crowd of coaches at his games on Saturday at the Kingwood Classic. He's already put one game in the books with his Minnesota Magic team in a convincing opening round victory and now the big man can only wait to see what high-major coaches show up at the sidelines of his next game.
Aldrich was solid in a lopsided victory over Team Breakdown, scoring just 11 points but securing 13 boards. He's impossible to move on the blocks, as the Florida team quickly found out. The No. 6 ranked player in the class of 2007 knows he's still a far ways away from where he needs to be on the offensive end of the floor.
"Right now, I can get some offensive boards and score from that but I know I have to be more aggressive on offense and taking over more," Aldrich said. "I think that will just come over time."
For the Magic, his role is simple: hold down the paint and score close to the iron.
"I'm just a big finisher. We've got the guards to make the plays so I'm just the guy that's going to make the plays inside," he said. "I can score some points but I'll be the guy that steps up and plays good defense, too."
So what coaches does he expect to see on the sidelines on Saturday?
"(Kansas) head coach (Bill) Self came to the school on Thursday. He said he's going to be right there on the front row. I'm sure (Minnesota head coach Dan) Munson will be there," Aldrich said. "Probably a lot of guys. I always like having a big crowd. It makes you play better. The more the merrier."
There will certainly be plenty. Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arizona have all offered, Aldrich said. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo might show up, too.
"(Coach) Izzo came to the school during the fall and all we talked about was golf so that was fun," Aldrich said. "I'm not very good at (golf) but it was fun talking to him about it."
There is one school the big man said he'd like to start hearing from.
"I like Kentucky right now," Aldrich said. "They do good in the tourney, that's always nice. I haven't talked to the coaching staff but I figure I'll probably talk to them after the summer."
He'll probably be talking to a lot of people after the summer.