Kelly high on Big East school

Jeremiah Kelly, a junior point guard from Boys to Men Academy in Chicago, Ill., is doing the work to establish himself as one of the top floor generals in the Midwest. The class of 2008 was solid at the Flyin' to the Hoop Invitational and even shed a little light on his recruitment.
The 6-foot-1 floor general ran the show with poise and showed promise as a high-major prospect last weekend in Dayton. The Chicago native isn't a flashy player and tends to let his game the talking. And that is just the way he wants to play the game.
"I'm not a person to talk about myself very much but I kind of feel like I'm underrated or under the radar but I feel like I can play with anybody at that (high-major level)," Kelly said. "But, really, I don't spend time worry about that. I'm interested in getting better and earning a college scholarship."
The offers are starting to come forward. Kelly said he is interested in Washington, DePaul (offer) and Illinois. It shouldn't come as a big surprise what program is the top school is for the junior.
"I'm really interested in DePaul," Kelly said.
Teammate Nayal "Mac" Koshwal is headed to the Big East and former Boys to Men wing Thijin Moses is a freshman for Jerry Wainwright.
"I think coach Wainwright is a great coach and he's got that program going in the right direction," Kelly said. "In the coming year, I think they are going to get better as they go along. They have the right people and the right situation there.
"I'm really liking DePaul. With the system they have there, I can see myself playing there. Illinois is in there but they don't seem like they are really that interested. With Washington, I like them a lot. I like their system and the coach they have there. I'd love to go to Washington but they don't seem as interested in me as DePaul is."
As much as Kelly likes DePaul, he said he isn't ready to verbally commit to the Blue Demons.
"I'm very open right now. I'm not in a rush to go to DePaul," Kelly said. "I'm keeping all of my options before I leave high school. I'm really open."