Junior Watch: Martin Iti

Martin Iti, a 6-10, 230-pound center/power forward from The Winchendon School in Massachusetts, continues to develop his game under one of the best teachers in the business -- head coach Mike Byrnes.
"We had the San Antonio Spurs in the other night and the Knicks were in last week watching Martin," Byrnes told us. "So far we have had about 10 NBA teams in to take a look at him."
Byrnes said Iti has much to learn. "He's raw," Byrnes said. "He is learning a lot though and picking up things quickly. So I think how he does this summer will determine what the level of interest is in him."
Iti can bench about 255 pounds so he is strong. He has helped Winchendon to a 14-0 mark. "He was born in Australia but his father is from Nigeria and his mom is from the West Indies," Byrnes said. "He is very coachable and is learning a lot."
The big name schools are already showing interest -- Kentucky, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, Syracuse, and North Carolina. "We just want him focusing on academics and basketball right now," Byrnes said.
"He is not even thinking about the recruiting part. That will come this summer and next Fall. But he is open and hasn't ruled out any school."