Josh Boone QA

Josh Boone, a vastly improved 6-8, 225 pound power forward, enjoyed a terrific postgraduate year at West Nottingham Academy in Colora, Md.
Boone copped MVP honors at the recent Mercersburg Academy Tournament. In a semifinal game that took in, Boone was dominant with a 31 point, 17 rebound, 12 block performance. caught up with Boone for a recent question and answer session. Here is a transcript of that interview: Has the UConn staff been in to see you this season?
Josh Boone: They were at the War on the Shore, but since then, they haven't been in yet. I call the coaches after my games to tell them how I did. I usually speak to Coach [Clyde] Vaughn.
RH: Can you talk a little about how your season has gone this year?
JB: The prep year has definitely helped me out a lot. I am starting to get a little bit stronger, and I am going to be lifting every day after the end of the season. I am working on my skills a lot and trying to get a lot more aggressive with the ball and develop a solid jump shot. So it's really helped me out.
RH: What are you up to now, in terms of weight?
JB: Probably 225. About the same that I was at the beginning of the season.
RH: That's quite a bit heavier than you were last year.
JB: Yeah, I was probably around 205 last year.
RH: Have you had a chance to catch UConn on TV this season, and have you formed any impressions on the team and where you will fit in next year?
JB: They have a decent amount of players at the four spot. I think that I can come in and contribute relatively well. As long as I do what I need to do, work on the weights and work on my skills. I am not saying that I will start or anything. But I think I should be able to come in and contribute a little bit the first year.
RH: Is there any talk that Emeka Okafor might leave after this year?
JB: A little bit, but I think there's more concern that he and Ben Gordon might leave after the following year (2003-04). I would think that both of them will still be there after this year, because both of them want to graduate in three years.
RH: They have some young post players in the program getting minutes this year, like Hilton Armstrong.
JB: And Marcus White is too, he's playing well right now. It should be interesting next year.
RH: Does the UConn staff see you fitting in at a specific position?
JB: I am pretty sure I will play the four. That's what they've told me so far -- the four. But things change and it depends on where they need me.
RH: Do you have a goal in terms of the number of minutes you play?
JB: Not really. I just want to be able to contribute somewhat in the first year. If I can make my way into the starting lineup, that's great. But as far as the minutes are concerned, the minutes will be there eventually.
RH: What's been the biggest benefit for you of the prep school experience?
JB: Just getting to play against the level of competition I am playing against. Last year at my high school, I didn't get a chance to play against many Division I or even Division II players. This year, I am playing against Division I players night in and night out. So it's given me a chance to get used to the Division I game.