Johnsons Among Best Big Men Left

Alexander Johnson, a 6-9 forward from the state of Georgia, was probably the most skilled big man outside of Charlie Villanueva on display at the War on the Shore. Johnson has a power game with developing perimeter skills.
Johnson can out-muscle opponents for points and rebounds in the paint, yet he also showed the ability to step out and hit three pointers. Johnson also can put the ball on the floor for limited stretches and get to the basket, but needs to avoid dribbling it far away from the tin. With his decision to sign late, Johnson could be the top available big man left on the board in the Class of 2003.
So you can expect his recruiting process to really heat up this winter. Johnson, who has not signed with Georgia after giving a verbal commitment last year, has opened up his recruiting process. Johnson, an Albany, Ga., native, had signed with the Bulldogs last fall after an intense recruiting battle between Cincinnati and Georgia. But after heading to Bridgton Academy this fall after failing to qualify academically, the 6-9, 245 pound power forward had second thoughts about his college future.
Johnson told "I've had some contact with Alabama, Louisville, Indiana, Oregon and Florida State. They've been calling or sending mail, so those are the only guys right now who are recruiting me."
North Carolina was one school on hand at the War on the Shore to take a hard look at Johnson. Assistant coach Fred Quartlebaum saw Johnson put up 20 points in one particular game. Johnson told us after the game he was interested in North Carolina. Alex also dropped down four three-pointers in the game.