Johnson Will Visit UCONN

Bridgton Academy head coach Whit Lesure told us this afternoon that Alexander Johnson, a top 25 player in the 2003 class, had a very good trip to Cincinnati this past weekend. “He enjoyed it a lot,” Lesure said. “But he is going to take his last visit this weekend.”
Lesure said Johnson will take a trip to Connecticut. He has already visited Indiana and Florida State. “There isn’t any leader right now until he finishes his visit,” Lesure said. “But I could see the smoke starting to stir in his head when talking about the teams recruiting him today at lunch. He looks like the wheels are going now in his mind on what he might do. But he said he isn’t doing anything until he looks at Connecticut.”
Johnson is possibly the best remaining player left in the 2003 class that can make an immediate impact for a college or university in the 2003-2004 season. "He's excited about taking his trip to Connecticut," Lesure said.
Johnson has previously praised the Connecticut program due to its great guards and the tremendous talent of Emeka Okafor along the front line. He has his first opportunity to meet up with these players and see the Connecticut campus this weekend.