Johnson: Still Likes Cincy, FLA St UCONN

Bridgton Academy forward Alexander Johnson, told Monday evening he is going to have a very difficult time in making a decision. "I like all three schools equally," Johnson said. "I had great trips to Cincinnati, Florida State, and Connecticut."
Johnson said he isn't close to making a decision. "I hope to have a decision by next Friday," Alexander said. "I have a lot of things to think about before I decide."
Alexander, a top 25 player in the 2003 class, also stated he isn't sure who he would pick right now. "I don't have a leader," Johnson said. "It's too tough right now to make a decision."
When asked if his visit to Connecticut clouded his previous thought process, Johnson said, "Yes. The visit went well. I enjoyed my time on the campus, meeting the players and coaches. Connecticut has a great team. They also have good guards. They have a chance to win a championship."
Indiana has also been mentioned in the past by Johnson but aren't listed among his top three, according to Johnson. "Hopefully I can make a decision," Johnson said. "If it comes to me sooner than I thought, I might do something. But I might need until next Friday to make a decision."