Johnson is a versatile star

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Throughout his high school career, five-star prospect Stanley Johnson has played many roles. Most of them have involved winning on the high school, grassroots and international level.
This spring, the 6-foot-6 wing from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei became the featured guy -- not for lack of ability but because he's always played on loaded teams -- for the first time in his career while running with the Oakland Soldiers in Nike's Elite Youth Basketball League.
"It went pretty good," Robinson told "I didn't shoot as well as I can and I wanted to. I think last weekend was our best weekend.
"I think it's one of my better years of play so far. I've had a lot of fun and the only thing left is Peach Jam. I'm happy but bittersweet about it."
Currently ranked No. 12 nationally in the 2014 Rivals150, Johnson can do a little bit of everything. He is a high-level rebounder, he can score at the rim or from deep and his ability to play physically has conjured up comparisons to a young Ron Artest.
"I don't know who would be a good a comparison for me because I try to be myself," he said. "I'm a person who can do a lot of things. If everything is going my way I can do a lot of things really well.
"If I'm making my jump shots, you have to press up and I'm not sure anybody is big enough to stop me from going to the basket. At least not in high school."
Smart and versatile, Johnson also takes great pride on defense. He also understands that his game needs to continue to evolve so that he can be effective scoring from all areas.
"My biggest thing is to keep playing hard all the time and to play defense," he said. "I'm trying to get at least 6-8 free points off of steals. Either playing on the ball or off the ball in the lane."
"Getting three levels of scoring. A lot of my stuff is to the basket or pull-up. In high school, I've only hit a mid-range shot once in a blue moon and I'm learning about pulling up in the lane and avoiding charges."
Recently, Johnson cut his final school list to Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Oregon, UCLA and USC. After a strong spring, two more schools were added.
"I had a narrowed list," said Johnson. "My list is what it was before I'm just considering Duke and Kansas now. I'm the kind of person (that) I want to find the best opportunity for me and I've said it's a wild card for both of them but I've still got them on my list. It's going to be hard for them to come in late and win me over, but I'm willing to hear them out because they get a lot of good players and make them pro athletes."
Johnson has also taken notice of the new head coaches in Los Angeles.
"I'll start with UCLA," he said. "(Steve Alford) is a really cool person and I got a chance to go there and visit with him and I really like him.
"With USC, Coach Enfield is a great person. He reminds me of my offensive coach at Mater Dei. He's laid-back but pays attention to details. He also did a good job of getting coaches that already knew me so when I went to campus I felt like I already knew them."
Johnson mentioned that John Calipari and Sean Miller have taken the lead in his recruitment and that he's turned off by coaches who spend time discussing the other teams recruiting him instead of selling their own programs.
He hasn't set a decision date yet and he will take his time. Johnson brought up on his own the reputation that Mater Dei players have for transferring and made it clear that he will be making sure to pick the right school so that he doesn't end up as another transfer.
While the decision could weigh on one of the nation's top prospects, he says he has things under control and will make the best decision for him.
"It's not wearing on me because I won't let it wear on myself," Johnson said. "It's my decision and nobody can rush me into doing anything.
"A lot of guys get caught up in 'Oh, Calipari called me' or 'Sean Miller wants me' but it's about more than that. I'm trying to find a balance for my life school-wise and of course basketball-wise."
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