Jennings confirms his pledge

Oh, what a little sunshine can do. After spending some time home in Los Angeles, five-star junior guard Brandon Jennings said he will remain solid with his commitment to the Pac-10 program.
On Dec. 7, after Oak Hill defeated Norcross in a nationally televised game, Jennings quietly told that he was unsure about his commitment to USC, saying: "It was a chance to stay close to home but I haven't signed my letter of intent yet. There is a lot of time between now and then. Who knows what can happen between now and then. Maybe there is (a chance of looking around) a little bit. We'll see."
Further speculation grew after Jennings told reports at the Les Schwab Invitational that he wasn't sure about playing time because of the addition of Daniel Hackett, who will be playing the point.
The Oak Hill Academy floor general also left a window of doubt about how solid his commitment to the Pac-10 school was. On Saturday, at the Flyin' to the Hoop tournament, Jennings clarified things.
"It's USC. I'm positive," Jennings said. "I felt comfortable with. Getting back to L.A., seeing the sunshine, getting close to my family. It has to be USC."
Jennings, a Los Angeles native, picked Tim Floyd's program in November shortly after unofficially visiting USC. Connecticut and Arizona were very much in the mix prior to his announcement.
Jennings and Oak Hill will play in North Carolina for the annual Martin Luther King Day game in Greensboro, N.C. Then it is a trip to the Windy City to face Derrick Rose and Simeon High School. The game will be nationally televised on Thursday night.
"This is nothing compared to what is going to happen on ESPN," Jennings said after dazzling performance against Trotwood Madison on Saturday. "I think it's already sold out up there so you know the people want to see this match-up. We just have to go in there and take charge of the event. If we don't it's going to be a close one like this was."
Jennings and Rose have played against each other before, notably in the Big Time tournament in Las Vegas last July. Jennings and his Southern California All-Stars won the championship. Jennings said he is treating the match-up like any other game.
"That's only game, another battle. We have 20 down and 20 more to go."