Jarrod Boswell Update

The San Diego Union Tribune published an interesting feature Tuesday on Jarrod Boswell, a 7 foot+ center from El Capitan High School in Lakeside, CA.
Boswell, who according to the article added 25 pounds to his frame, averages 20.0 points, 11.9 rebounds and 4.8 blocks per game so far with the postseason looming ahead. He's now 7-1 and 265 pounds. And looks like this young man isn't done growing.
El Capitan won the Grossmont North League championship with a 13-11 record, rebounding from a 0-6 start.
His high school coach Ross Furrow told reporter Bill Dickens that letters are flowing in from most major programs, both at the school and to Boswell's home.
"Georgetown, North Carolina, Kentucky, Stanford, USC, Utah, Pepperdine . . . all of them. "The only major program that I know of that we haven't received a letter from is Duke." On a more personal note, Jerrod's mom told Dickens, "Have you ever tried to feed a 7-foot kid? My grocery bill is $300 a week. He eats healthy, but he's definitely a bulk eater."
Boswell rises about the rest of the family (he's now 7'0 3/4 without shows) but not really by that much. "His father, Jeff, is 6-foot-4. His mother, Nennoa, is 6-2. His older sister, Joy, is a smidgen under 6-foot." wrote Dickens.
Boswell is scheduled to attend the Boo Williams tournament in April.
San Diego Union Tribune article