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Jam Fest: Anya playing big

PITTSBURGH - Mitch McGary out of the 2012 class made a big impression early in the Jam Fest, and then 2013 big man Beejay Anya followed up with his own statement.
Beejay Anya (2013, Team Takeover)
You wouldn't classify Anya as an explosive athlete, but he regularly outplays more explosive opponents. He has the big three that coaches look for in big men- good feet, good hands and a good motor. Surround these three with a 6-foot-8 wide body, and you have one very impressive 2013 prospect.
Anthony Bennett (2012, CIA Bounce)
Bennett impressed during the first session of the Nike EYBL, and he looked even more explosive and confident this weekend. Yes, he is skilled and athletic, but it is his grinder mentality that pushes him ahead of most other big men in his class. I won't be surprised if Bennett has a long career making money playing basketball.
Xavier Rathan-Mayes (2013, CIA Bounce 16-U)
At 6-foot-4 and well put together, Rathan-Mayes is a high major wing prospect. Looking like Martel Webster looked while on the circuit, Rathan-Mayes effortlessly knocks down jumpers with a beautiful shooting stroke.
Mike Young (2013, Playaz 16-U)
Young simply controls games in the paint. There is a maturity to his game in that he plays with a great motor but at the same time plays within himself. He defends, rebounds and finishes when he has the opportunity.
Reggie Cameron (2013, Playaz 16-U)
Built to be a trailing four man in a four out/one in system, Cameron is a dangerous long range shooter from on top. He doesn't make plays in traffic like his teammate Young does, but Cameron has good hands and will make more plays in traffic as he gets stronger.
Trey Boykins (2013, DC Assault 16-U)
Boykins didn't have his best shooting game, but that might have been the result of taking a number of off rhythm jumpers. Nonetheless, he carries himself like a shooter and the stroke is there. Not just a shooter, the 6-foot-6 small forward also has the ability to attack the basket and finish. He is a promising high major prospect.
Junior Etou (2013, DC Assault 16-U)
Etou's game is still a little raw, but he has the physique of a high major big man and the skill set will likely follow.
Rashad Kelly (2013, DC Assault 16-U)
A 6-foot-5 physical wing, Kelly does a little bit of everything for his team. In the role of the "glue guy," Kelly scored from the inside and the outside, rebounded and passed well.
Jerami Grant (2012, Team Takeover)
Always a promising prospect, Grant is now starting to make more of an imprint on the game. He is beginning to utilize his length and athleticism by taking his game more aggressively to the basket.
James Robinson (2012, Team Takeover)
Solid and crafty are the words for Robinson, and his team follows where he leads. He doesn't wow you with anyone aspect of his game, but he has a refined all around game that produces winning results.
Kyle Anderson (2012, Playaz)
A lot has been written about Anderson, but here are two observations from this event. Anderson will always be a penetrator first player, but his outside shot will be good enough at the next level to keep the defense honest. Secondly, it will take maximum effort from Anderson to be an adequate defender at the next level.
Myles Davis (2012, Playaz)
His three-point shooting is where Davis hangs his hat, but he also has a crafty shot fake drive game where he can absorb contact and finish.
Tyler Lewis (2012, Team Loaded)
Lewis does have to work harder against bigger, athletic defenders, but I'm convinced that his highly evolved offensive game will translate well on the high major level.
Andrew White (2012, Team Loaded)
This athletic 6-foot-5 or so wing is an intriguing prospect. He has a nice outside shooting stroke, aggressively attacks the basket and is a physical rebounder. High majors will definitely want to take a look.
No longer an Oklahoma commitment after the coaching change, Richard Peters has Washington at the top of his list because of his strong relationship with the coaching staff. He also listed Marquette, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Seton Hall, Indiana and Washington State.
Mike Taylor is running with the New York Panthers this summer and expects to prep at Notre Dame Prep next year. Regardless of the prep year, he is still committed to Rutgers.
Mike Young has a Connecticut offer to go along with offers from St. John's, Rutgers and Seton Hall.
Reggie Cameron has his eyes on the ACC. Both Maryland and Virginia have offered as have St. John's, Rutgers and Seton Hall.
Joel Hernandez, a 2013 shooting guard on the Playaz 16-U squad, has picked up an offer from St. Joe's this spring.