J.R. Reynolds Update

Super combo guard J.R. Reynolds, 6-3, of Roanoke Catholic High School in Virginia, is trying to arrange a proper time to announce his school of choice.
Reynolds, according to our sources, has already given the University of Virginia a verbal commitment. His decision was supposed to have been announced the week of the World Trade Centers tragedy. It was cancelled after the horrific event.
So it has become a question of when is the proper time and can they bring together all the people that wanted to be there to celebrate his decision at his high school? Right now, this is what is being worked on -- a proper timeframe and to allow everyone who wants to be there enough time to re-arrange their schedules.
Reynolds is expected to announce for Virginia when it does happen.
Previously, Reynolds had told us: "I wanted to end it early to relieve any future stress," Reynolds said. "I don't want to worry about getting letters and phone calls from the coaches. I just want to decide and focus on my junior year."
Reynolds said he made his decision based upon two factors. "The style of play is very important to me," Reynolds said. "I want to be able to play in an uptempo style. I also want to be able to get along with the coach. This is very important too."