J.J. Redick: One Of The Best In 2002

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- When you walked away from the Dean Dome this past weekend and examined what you had just witnessed, being from up North I wish maybe I was located a little more South to watch J.J. Redick for the next several years.
Redick, 6-5, 190 pounds of Cave Spring in VA, who announced for Duke on October 5th of last year, is an incredible three-pointer and perimeter shooter. But what is now making his game so hard to defend is his aggressive attitude of taking it to the basket when defenders try to snuff him on the outside.
Redick is easily a top 20 player and probably a top 10 player by most people's eyes. The reasons are you can not rest when he has the ball 25 feet out. And then when you try to jump out on him, Redick is now starting to blow past people to the basket.
His epic matchup with Raymond Felton and company will be remembered for a long time. But Redick's best days are ahead of him, if you can believe that. The great improvement in his offensive game has to have Duke fans dreaming of what will be when J.J. puts on a Blue Devils' uniform inside Cameron.
Redick is also a great foul shooter. And put together his ability and desire of taking the rock to the rack, J.J. will grab a lot of points from the foul line too.
When you add up these great combinations of ways to score, Redick could become one of the great scorers ever on the college level.