IU, Others Offer NY PG

As the ABCD camp was concluding last night, a familiar face was seen walking into the gym -- Dave Paulus, father of rising junior point guard Greg Paulus. Dave, in town to help coach a team in the Three Stripes event, spoke about his son's injury at the NIKE camp. "It's a sprained ankle," he said. "He is back home. He won't play in the Three Stripes. He needs to rest it."
Dave Paulus said his son may try to play later in July. "If he does, it will be at the Vegas tournament," he said. "Greg was having a good NIKE camp until this happened. But he was offered by Indiana while out there."
Greg, who has a top five list of Xavier, North Carolina, Duke, Notre Dame, and Syracuse, was followed around by these staffs in Indianapolis at the NIKE camp. He is a terrific passer, one of the few high school players that actually utilizes the bounce pass in an effective fashion. "Right now everything is the same except he has another option he might consider," Dave Paulus said. "We really haven't spoken about the Indiana offer because of his injury. But it's a possibility."
Dave's son is also an excellent quarterback too and has offers to play both sports. In fact, Greg has thrown for 76 touchdowns and can throw a pass over sixty yards. "Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Duke, Syracuse are just a few schools that have offered him in both sports," Dave said. "I don't know what he will do. He could try both sports. He does really love basketball."
Paulus is a member of the 2005 class. He is rated by many scouting services in the top 50 for basketball. "He is just going to get some rest this weekend," Dave said. "No sense in him staying in a gym all weekend when he can't play."