Is New Rule Change Good For Carmelo

Many basketball onlookers are trying to figure out whether the new NCAA rule regarding college eligibility after putting your name into the NBA draft benefits or hurts college basketball. Well, it's probably a little of both.
In the case of Carmelo Anthony, the outstanding 6-8 forward from Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, his head coach thinks it doesn't really help his player.
Steve Smith said that Anthony still has plans to attend Syracuse. "The new rule has made things worse in my opinion for Carmelo," Smith said. "He can get drafted 25th and that team would have his rights forever. What happens if he has a great freshman year at Syracuse? He is still a 25th pick. He was a little scared of that possibility if he put his name into the draft.
"Now if he is drafted in the first round," Smith said. "He might decide to just go to the NBA. He can't go any higher than that because of the rules. So right now the rule change is not good for Carmelo."
Smith said he didn't know the full scope of the rule until the past 24-48 hours. "So if I was quoted anywhere as saying Carmelo was probably going to go, I was speaking before I understood this rule," Smith said.
"I think right now it doesn't help Carmelo. There is a risk in putting your name in for him. I still have to read more about it and get some different thoughts from people who know about this rule."