Is he in a Rush

Kansas City native Brandon Rush has been thinking college, but the 6-foot-6, 202-pound small forward from Mt. Zion Academy very well might be thinking NBA again after his MVP performance in the Roundball Classic. Along with some upcoming workouts with NBA teams, Rush has at least six schools pursuing him. And according to Mt. Zion head coach Antonio Fozard, one will certainly get a visit, and two others are in good shape for a visit as well.
"Oklahoma, Georgetown, Illinois, Wake Forest, UNLV and Florida have all been calling recently trying to set up visits," said Coach Fozard. "He already has a visit lined up with Oklahoma, although I am not certain of the date. He will also probably visit Georgetown and Wake Forest. With the other three, it is more wait and see."
Out of this group of schools, one in particular is establishing itself as the leader for landing Rush's services.
"Oklahoma is the leading school right now," said Fozard. "Brandon really likes Coach Sampson. He is a good coach and very accomplished. He also likes their style of play."
After totaling 21 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks and displaying a versatile skill game, a jump straight to the NBA is still in the picture for Rush.
"He still has some workouts with NBA teams coming up," said Fozard. "His stock went up after the Roundball Classic, so we will wait and see. If he is going to be a first round pick and have a chance to contribute to a team, he would love to go straight to the NBA."
Already possessing NBA athleticism and a well rounded developing skill set, Rush would certainly gain a more competitive edge and greater physical toughness by spending some time in a conference like the Big 12. Besides improving the consistency of his long range jumper, gaining the strength to defend scorers and take care of the ball in physical half court situation are the areas of Rush's game that could most use improving.
Rush will certainly be a NBA caliber player at some point in his career. The question is will it be sooner or later.
"What Brandon could get out of going to college would be the advancement of his skills more than anything," said Fozard. "There really isn't that much that college could do for his athleticism, but it could help him advance his skills."
Rush is presently the No. 4 ranked player in the Rivals150.