Basketball Recruiting - Introducing 2022 forward Isaac Traudt
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Introducing 2022 forward Isaac Traudt

Isaac Traudt
Isaac Traudt

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at several under-the-radar prospects that were primed to use the travel circuit to boost their recruiting stock this summer. Now, with grassroots basketball on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, these prospects may not get the exposure they would have otherwise.

Today, we take a look at Isaac Traudt.

2020 Rankings: Rivals150 | Team | Position

2021 Rankings: Rivals150 | Position

2022 Rankings: Top 75


A 6-foot-8 combo forward from Grand Island (Neb.) High who runs with Lincoln Supreme during the summer, Traudt was brought to our attention thanks to a tip from Matt Cumro the director of his summer program. We get tips via email all the time and the mileage varies, but we are glad to have been told about Traudt.

As a sophomore, Traudt averaged around 17 points and six rebounds per game while playing a variety of roles for his high school team. Often he brought the ball up the floor as a point forward of sorts and he stretched out defenses thanks to his 40-percent shooting from beyond the three-point line.


Traudt just picked up his first two scholarship offers, from Drake and Wyoming on Friday afternoon.

Not too many schools know about him just yet but home-state Creighton, along with Oklahoma State are interested.


Look, we get a lot of highlight reels submitted to us and they obviously show the best a player has to offer. But, within a minute or two of clicking on Traudt's reel it was pretty clear that I needed to do more digging.

So, I found and reviewed a pair of games from his sophomore season and was impressed.

To start, Traudt fits the direction that basketball is headed. It's impossible to gauge size until we see him in person, but at least on film his listed 6-foot-8 doesn't seem to be a stretch so he's a skilled forward and has the ability to play as a stretch four or maybe eve a big wing. Near the rim he tries to dunk everything, he runs the floor very well and he's pretty quick off the floor. Laterally, he doesn't look to be out of the world, but he's not heavy footed either.

Looking at game films, Traudt spends a lot of time with the ball in his hands and initiating offense. He passes very well and he draws bigger defenders from the rim creating space for teammates to drive or for him to attack off the dribble. Then there's his jump shot. It's clean, he gets it off quick, his size and release make it tough to defend and he has tons of confidence in it.

Traudt is a kid that I am very much looking forward to seeing in person to get a better feel for his physical attributes and to see how his skill translates in against top-notch competition. My gut feeling is that he looks to be a viable high major prospect and I don't think it's a stretch to see him developing into at least a top 100 player in his class if he continues to get better.