Interest in 2006s Lawrence Picking Up

Marcus Lawrence, a 6-foot, 165-pound point guard from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nev., played himself into national recognition this summer at the ABCD camp as well as running the show for the Southern Nevada All-Stars. Lawrence, the No. 64 ranked player in 2006 by, has a list of schools that warrants his talent and several elite programs are trying to make a strong, and early, push for his services.
“I feel like I really developed my game this summer,” Lawrence said. “A lot of people tell me not to get too big headed but be play hard and try to play at the top of my game. My coach told me that it was going to be hard at the ABCD camp and it was kind of. But I think I finally understand what it means to be great not just good. I never did before.”
Going into the AAU season, the wrap on Lawrence was simple: he’s a pure point guard; and a pretty good one at that. Mixing scoring with his outstanding court vision and ability to run an offense to perfection, Lawrence knew more offense would open more doors.
“I think I over passed sometimes, so I tried to pick up my scoring,” Lawrence said. “If that meant I had to take over a game with my scoring, then I would. But, I’m not going to just shoot. I’m not afraid of telling one of my teammates to take the game over if he’s hot.”
Lawrence said he’s hearing from Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Oregon, North Carolina (“I get a lot of stuff from them,” he said), UCLA, Oregon State and San Diego State since the summer.
“I’m seeing what people have to say,” Lawrence said. “There is a lot of time to decide. I don’t really have a favorite.”
Teamed with Kashif Watson, the No. 117 ranked player in the 2005 class, Bishop Gorman is home to one of the finest backcourts in the West. They know teams will be coming harder at them since their play during the summer.
“We know we gotta pick it up now,” Lawrence said. “We want to earn everything that comes to us but we also know that people will be coming at us even harder. I’m ready for it.”
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