Inside Forward Seeking Major Interest

At such a great event like the Tournament of Champions, it is tough for the blue-collar workers to get recognition when there are so many skilled players competing.
This was the problem that Dwayne Curtis, a 6-8, 245-pound inside forward from Whitney Young in Chicago, Illinois ran up against last weekend in North Carolina. Curtis is a solid player but not one who will bury you with three-pointers or go to the sky to dunk.
"I am trying to improve my skills everyday," Curtis said. "I am working hard on my jumper especially. But I am trying to improve every part of my game. I want my overall game to be as good as it can be."
Curtis, who averaged 14 points and six rebounds last season as a junior, told us he will play for Stan White's AAU program. Curtis played last weekend for a stacked AAU team, the Worldwide Renegades. Curtis got lost in the shuffle of the great talent that was on that roster. But he is a recruit who would be a solid team man and also a player who does a lot of the dirty work inside.
"I'm still open right now," Curtis said. "I haven't set up any visits and I don't know when I might take a visit or make a decision."
Curtis told us right now he is seriously interested in Illinois, DePaul and Iowa. But it might be a longshot for Illinois to get involved since they already have Aaron Spears, who fits the same type of role Curtis might play on the college level.