Humphries Reschedules Visit

Kris Humphries, a 6-8, 220 pounder from Hopkins H.S. in Minnetonka, Minn., will reschedule his visit to Duke for the weekend of May 17th. "Coach K had a family emergency so the visit never took place this weekend," Humphries said. "But I am looking forward to visiting Duke then."
Humphries told us he could verbal to Duke if he has the right gut feeling. "My thought was to take the trips to Kansas and Duke and think about both schools," Humphries said. "If I felt good about one I would do it then."
Humphries said he liked his visit to Kansas but still wanted to see Duke as a comparison factor too. "Kansas has a great winning tradition," Humphries said. "They got a great team and great history. But I have to see where I would fit in and how I would fit in before I made a decision."
Humphries said he still is interested in Louisville, Florida, Texas, and Michigan State. "I have already taken unofficial visits to Texas and Michigan State," Humphries said. "So I know about those schools. But I haven't made any plans on taking any more trips after my visit to Duke."
Humphries said he may attend the NIKE camp. But it appears Humphries will not participate much in any big tournaments. "I have a chance to play for the USA junior team," Humphries said. "So I am going to those tryouts in May. After that I don't know. Last year I played in a lot of tournaments but I never got a chance to work on my individual game. I want to do that this summer."
Humphries comes from an excellent athletic background. His dad was a football player at the University of Minnesota while his mom was a collegiate rower. His sister is currently on scholarship as a swimmer at Texas.
And when one takes a look at Humphries, it's very evident that he has a background in swimming as well, as he is exceptionally agile for his size and has a sleek greyhound type of build. He does not appear to have an ounce of fat on his frame.