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Howell moving right along this spring

Richard Howell, a 6-foot-7, 215-pound power forward from Wheeler High School, jokes that he might move to Akron, Ohio based on his success at the King James event.
For the second year in a year, Howell took care of business at the Akron event last month and was one of the top producers in the tournament field. The versatile forward said he tried to find his spots to shine at the event.
"I think I did pretty good up there. I obviously could have done better and we would have won more games but overall, I think I played pretty well. I think I knew what to do in the right situation. If I had to take my man to the hole I'd do that or if I saw my man cutting down the lane, I made sure I got him the ball."
"I think I picked right up where I left off in high school," Howell said. "I am hoping to carry over my play from AAU to my senior year in high school."
Howell was a match-up problem because of his strength in the post, passing from the high block and size on the wing. Howell admits he doesn't know where he's the most successful at from a positional perspective.
"I haven't really found my comfort level at any position," he said. "My thought is wherever coach wants me to play then that is where I'm going to play. I just want to play and I just want to win."
His recruitment is as versatile as his game these days. Howell said he's felt the presence of a trio of schools of late more than others.
"Marquette, Oregon, Auburn – those are the schools that I've personally talked to that said that they need me," Howell said. "I'm sure my father has talked to more but those were the ones that said they need me on their team because of my versatility."
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and "a lot more," Howell says, are also in the picture. He added that he hasn't heard from Michigan State, a one-time stalwart in his recruitment, in a while.
Howell said he might visit Oregon in June when he and his Worldwide Renegades team travel to Portland for the Rose City Showcase. He visited Texas in the spring unofficially.
During the high school season, the four-star prospect said he would like to have a spring decision. But as the spring came and went, so did a decision. Howell said he doesn't want to rush into any sort of commitment just yet.
"At first, I thought I was going to commit early but then I changed my mind," Howell said. "I want to keep my options open and see what else is out there. Me and my father are going to sit down, probably after this weekend, and start narrowing it down some.
"Location is not a big priority to me. Academics come first then my playing time, of course. The coaching staff is going to matter to me and what players I'll be playing with when I'm there. Those are the things I'll be looking at."