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Howard impresses at Real Deal

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LITTE ROCK, Ark.- Rivals.com took a good look at the 16-Under action at The Real Deal on the Rock on Friday night. One of the standouts was Tymond Howard of MBA Hoops.
Physical, aggressive, athletic and talented is the way to describe Howard. He literally did everything for MBA Hoops as he scored 24 points in a 57-52 win over the Alabama Celtics.
Howard scored almost exclusively on bruising drives to the basket, finishing both at the rim and with pull up jumpers. He also relentlessly pursued the ball off the glass, and at 6 feet 5, 200 pounds, he displayed some nifty ball handling in the open court and at the point guard position in the half court.
A potential five-star prospect in the 2012 class, Howard already has an offer from Tennessee and claims the Volunteers as his leader. He is also hearing from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Baylor and Auburn.
Trey Bolden (MBA Hoops 2013)- A powerfully built 6-foot-7 post player, Bolden was also impressive. He battled on the inside with Howard, and he has a promising skill set. His foot work was solid in the post, and he was a threat in transition.
Brice Rowe (MBA Hoops 2012)- A 6-foot-2 combo guard, Rowe handled the ball a great deal for MBA Hoops. He looked to be the next best perimeter prospect on the team behind Howard.
Joshua Richardson (Alabama Celtics 2011)- Young enough to play in the 16-Under division, Richardson is a bouncy athlete who can score in a variety of ways. He has a high ceiling and has the attention of high major schools. Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas A&M have all been in to see him this spring.
Ron Smith (Alabama Celtics 2012)- A big, physical point guard, Smith did an excellent job breaking down the defense and finding the open man. He is also a high level defender. If he shot the long ball better, he would be a definite high major prospect.
J.P. Tokoto is the national name and star of the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, but his far from the only high major talent on their 16-Under squad.
In a massive blowout win, Tokoto impressed with his athletic bursts to the basket and his ability to finish with his left hand. He didn't take any long range shots, but his midrange jumper looked good. Tokoto is simply an elite talent in the 2012 class.
Darrell Bowie (WPW 2012)- At 6-foot-6 Bowie spent much of the game running the point and did an admirable job. He also was a force on the class. In this game, he looked like the second best prospect on the squad.
Sheldon Cooks (WPW 2012)- An impressive looking forward, Cooks has the tools to be a high major prospect.
Phillip Nolan (WPW 2012)- At a very thin 6-foot-10, Nolan needs to develop his body, but he moves well and was a factor around the basket on both ends. He appears to have a high ceiling.
Alex Poythress (Nashville Celtics 2012)- A quintessential combo forward with a great physique, Poythress is on the verge of racking up offers. Blessed with huge hands, Poythress is comfortable handling the basketball on the perimeter and has a dangerous first step to the basket. He is also a quality rebounder. Vanderbilt offered him during the high school season.
Jaylen Beckham (Hoop Dreams 2012)- Beckham was elusive on the dribble as usual, but struggled finishing in the lane. On the defensive end, he was a disruptive force.
Tamron Manning (Hoop Dreams 2012)- The most active player for Hoop Dreams was Manning. He handled the ball, slashed to the basket, posted up and defended and rebounded at a high level. Not sure of how good an outside shooter Manning is, but last night he had the look and overall game of a high major prospect.
Damien Wilson (Atlanta Celtics 2012)- A 6-foot-5 high level athlete, Wilson was impressive Friday night. He attacked the basket at will and finished with authority.