Honesdale Injury Report

Playing on outdoor courts with concrete floors can sometimes be a risky proposition, and this year, there were a few notable injuries at the second session of the Five-Star Honesdale basketball camp.
Gavin Grant, an outstanding 6-6 rising junior from St. Raymond's H.S. in the Bronx, N.Y., broke his wrist at the camp. In fact, by the time we got there, his arm had already been fitted with a cast.
Russell Robinson, a 6-2 combo guard from Rice H.S. in New York City who is considered one the top junior guards in the country, took a nasty spill on Tuesday morning during the Orange and White Classic. Robinson drove to the hole against beefy 6-4 big man James Barrett, who attempted to take a charge. As Robinson elevated to the hole, he tangled with Barrett and came crashing down on the concrete court. He stayed on the ground for a few minutes, but eventually got up a bit woozy. The incident happened in the third quarter, and Robinson sat out the rest of the contest as a result of the collision.
Terrence Roberts (above right), the mobile 6-8 forward from St. Anthony's H.S. in Jersey City, N.J., banged knees with another player during a camp game midway through the week at Honesdale. He suffered a bruise on his left (non-surgically repaired) knee, and sat out the rest of the camp as a precautionary measure. He was an honorary selectee for the Orange team.