Holsey enjoying the process

In a year's time, Kammeon Holsey has gone from a skinny, under-the-radar prospect at small school in rural Georgia to a coveted prospect that is counted amongst the top 50 players in his class.
Trying to get a grasp of how crazy life can be as a top flight prospect has been a little difficult for the Hancock Central (Ga.) prospect but Holsey said he's getting used to it.
"I never thought I'd ever have high-major colleges looking at me," he said. "In a way I know I've been working hard so I guess it should come as a surprise but for them to come all the way out to my small town like they have been, that's been pretty cool."
Holsey, one of the 300 or so kids at his high school, said he has hosted a handful of programs at Hancock Central for open gyms or workouts. Xavier, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Nebraska and Tennessee-Chattanooga have been out to see him so far.
Holsey, on the other hand, has been out to Georgia, Georgia Tech and South Carolina for unofficial visits. He said he has tentative plans to get out to Clemson and Xavier this fall or winter.
"I liked Georgia pretty good. The players are good and their style fits me pretty good. Coach Felton and coach Jones stay on me pretty good, as much as they are allowed to. I enjoyed tailgating out there before the (South Carolina) football game," Holsey said.
With schools coming and going and several others still recruiting him, the four-star forward said he wants to take his time in the recruiting process.
"I'm going to wait until next year before I do anything. Xavier, they are recruiting me really hard and want me really bad," he said.
There is a small checklist of things he wants to find, Holsey said.
"Academics are important. I want a good education in business administration and play for a good team. That's pretty much it. I don't want too much, just to play and get a good degree," he said.
A year from now, he'll be getting close to signing with a top flight school.