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Holloway emerging at the point

Point guards are a rare breed in the class of 2008 and floor general Terrell Holloway knows that. The 6-foot guard from Hempstead (N.Y.) High School on Long Island is playing with a purpose this spring and hoping to separate himself from the competition.
Playing with the New England Playaz, Holloway did a fine job of running the show for a team loaded with Division I talent. Holloway said he did play with a sense of urgency at some of the nation's top tournaments simply because there is an opportunity for players at his position to step up and earn scholarships.
"When it comes to big time point guards, there aren't too many really good guards. That always crosses my mind. I want to separate myself," Holloway, the No. 136 ranked player in the country, said.
"There were a couple of games that I came out and played really good. On my team, I'm really the only true point guard. I tried to control the game and make sure all of my teammates were happy. I think I did a good job at that."
Growing up in the huge spotlight of New York and New Jersey, Holloway said after moving back to Long Island, he has tried to play himself back into the big spotlight. He feels like he was able to do that this spring.
"Schools haven't really seen me since my freshman year when I was at St. Benedict's and teams that I played on before weren't really winning so a lot of people just haven't seen me play in a while," Holloway said. "When I had the opportunity to play with the New England Playaz, it was a good chance for me to show that I'm one of the top players in my class. I never really had that opportunity on that stage before."
Holloway said he has yet to receive his first scholarship offer but the schools are coming. He said recruiting has vastly changed since March.
"It blew up a lot. Before, I had a couple of calls from Jamie Dixon at Pitt but it wasn't really too much," Holloway said. "After the King James tournament, I got invited to the West Virginia camp and the Texas A&M camp. Georgia Tech started to ask about me. Maryland did too. A lot of high-major schools started to get in after the tournaments."
Virginia and Villanova are also interested, he said. There is a school that is standing out at the moment.
"Probably Texas A&M," Holloway said. "One of the coaches, coach (Scott) Spinelli, knows our director with the Playaz, T.J. Gassanola, and started recruiting me after they got the job there. Everyone that is recruiting me is calling T.J. Bobby Huggins called him and said he wanted to recruit me. Georgia Tech has called him. I'd say those are the schools that are recruiting me the hardest."
Holloway said he is planning on attending camps at West Virginia and Texas A&M.