Hobson oozing with potential

He is not yet a national name, but Darrington Hobson has the talent and potential to be on every school's recruiting list. A versatile 6-foot-7, 180-pound small forward, Hobson is leaving his Houston, Texas, home to attend Stoneridge Prep in Calif., this year, and five schools comprise his school list.
"I'm interested in Illinois, Florida, Washington, Syracuse and Louisville," said Hobson, the No. 51 ranked player in the class of 2007. "I am still wide open though. Out of all those schools, I've only heard from Louisville."
An extremely smooth athlete who is good with the ball, Hobson is a triple-double threat every time he steps onto the court. He can score in a variety of ways, has a nose for the ball as a rebounder and has terrific floor vision and the ability to deliver the ball. With all of his skill, if Hobson can improve his intensity level and improve his strength, the sky is the limit.
"I just need to get quicker and stronger," he said. "I want to be able to come into college and start right away."