Hill will make an informed decision

Donte Hill wears a lot of hats at Norfolk (Va.) Collegiate School. The 6-foot-4 guard is playing nearly every spot on the floor and he's anchoring the line up for his team this season. The four-star guard is having a big junior year and in the process, trying to figure out what college hat he'll be wearing down the road.
Hill is enjoying a productive year, posting 23 points and 15 rebounds a game. He's helped Norfolk Collegiate achieve a 11-6 record and rolling through a schedule filled with big time match-ups.
"Our schedule is probably one of the best of anyone around here," Hill said.

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On Tuesday night, Hill lined up against North Carolina bound forward Ed Davis. The game before, he started at the point.
"I'm pretty much playing every position coach needs me at," Hill said. "It definitely helps me. My whole thing is about preparing myself for college. Playing all of these positions makes me more valuable to a team. That's more of a chance to get on the floor and that is what coaches want to see in players."
The coaches are certainly watching. Marquette (offer), Virginia Tech (offer), Virginia, Old Dominion (offer), James Madison (offer) and William & Mary have all been in to see him play this season, he said. George Mason has also offered.
"My dad talked to Florida just recently. So that's pretty new," Hill said.
With all of the attention and a productive junior season, Hill said his recruitment has intensified but he doesn't have any immediate plans of trimming his list or even making a decision.
"I don't have any favorites right now. My dad and I are probably going to sit down and make up a list sometime soon," Hill said. "I've been thinking about it but I'm not concerning myself too much about it. I've talked to a couple of coaches but I don't have any favorites."
When he isn't playing, Hill is either in the schoolbooks or watching the schools that are recruiting him on television, with hopes of examining the teams in real time.
"I've been watching college basketball a lot lately but I still don't feel like I know enough," Hill said. "I'm looking at the systems and trying to find the right place that would fit me the best. It's essential to watch the games. I've always watched as a fan but in the last year, my dad and I are watching more and how to study it. He's taught me how to really study it. It's not about who is winning or who is losing. It's about watching what they do with their players and watching what they do in their system. I want to see how I will fit into their system. I study these games hard. It's important for me.
"I definitely want to go somewhere that they are high on player development. I want to go somewhere that I can get better. For me, that will probably be the biggest thing. As far as distance and where they are located isn't a big concern to me. Somewhere that I can come in and get better is the most important thing."
Make no mistake about it, Hill won't be making a fly-by-night decision. He said his decision will be a calculated one.
"It is definitely going to be a well-thought out decision. It will be something that I really think about," Hill said. "I'm going to take my time with it and it will be a well informed decision."