High-majors tracking Fortson

5-foot-10, 175-pound point guard Courtney Fortson has his eyes set on some high-major programs. Those programs are watching him as well after his strong summer playing for the Southeast Elite travel team. The catch, however, is academics.
"I won't know if I'm going to prep school or college until after the basketball season," said Fortson, who is from Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Ala. "I'm getting my GPA up. If I make all B's, I'll have it up to a 2.7."
A number of schools will track Fortson throughout the season, gauging both his academic and basketball progress and gauging their needs at the point guard position in the spring.
"I'm hearing mostly from SEC schools-Florida, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Alabama," he said. "They are waiting to see how things workout before they offer.
"Boston College is also recruiting me. They are saying that they want me to prep a year and come in as a 2008 prospect."
Fortson, who averaged 19 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game last season for his successful high school team, is determined to qualify and play in college next season.
Courtney Fortson scouting report:
Undersized but a dynamic player, Fortson is an excellent competitor who defends and rebounds. Offensively, the lefty is fast with the ball and can finish at the rim. He shoots it well off the dribble, but does have room to improve the consistency of his outside jumper.