High-majors getting on Vegas point early

Note the name Elijah Johnson. The 2009 point guard prospect from Cheyenne High School in Las Vegas, Nev., already has one Big 12 offer and a couple of the better Pac Ten programs are watching him this fall.
"Iowa State watched Elijah over the summer, and then they came into his high school the first day they could," said Johnson's travel team coach Anthony Brown of the Las Vegas Prospects. "Coach McDermott offered him after he workout.
"Coach Simon of Arizona came in yesterday, and he really liked what he saw. And UCLA is supposed to come in Friday of next week."
Johnson, who ran the point for the Prospects' 16-under squad, will have the ball in his hands the next two years running the point for the Prospects' 17-under squad. And as Coach Brown sees it, he will have a coach on the court as his point guard.
"Elijah is a coach on the court," said Brown. "He is the type that won't even need to look over at me to see what to run, and I don't want him to. He is in the flow of the game and knows better than anyone what the team needs to run.
"He is a 'whatever you need me to do' point. He can get guys off that need to score, and he can certainly score when his scoring is needed."