High-majors continue to chase Boynton

There were plenty of highs and some interesting lows this season for Florida star Kenny Boynton. The five-star guard from American Heritage continued to keep scorekeepers busy but his junior year didn't finish the way he wanted. Throughout the year, some of the nation's top coaches pulled up a chair and saw him go to work.
Boynton had a huge individual year but his American Heritage finished the season 18-9. It was a bittersweet and educational season, he said.
"I think I had a good season and good accomplishments but we didn't have the season that we are capable of having. I think we had too many losses for a team with our kind of talent. We were never on the same page to win," Boynton said.
"It was different. Everyone was coming at us. I won [a state title] at a different school…everyone was coming at us. We got every team's best night.
"I'm working hard this last summer. I want to win everything that we play this summer. That's the main thing. It's my last year of AAU. I want to leave with a bang."
Boynton has bang potential. That's for sure. He scored an eye-popping 61 points in a game this season at the City of Palms tournament, the most prestigious high school tournament in the nation. Boynton averaged 34.5 points per game, leading all scorers in Florida.
His scoring prowess is well-documented. He's one of the elite scorers in the 2009 class and his recruitment certainly reflects that. Boynton said recruiting will certainly intensify now that he is headed into his final AAU season.
"It's going to get important after the AAU season when I get going into my visits," Boynton said. "I think August will be an important month for me because I'll be scheduling my visits and figuring out who I go and visit. I want to see what the coaches are talking about."
Boynton said there is a short list of schools that are recruiting him the hardest.
"Right now I think it is Texas, Duke, Memphis and Georgia Tech," he said. "They've all been coming. Some schools came down here once just to see a workout but those four schools came down a couple of times, made it to a game and showed me a lot."
Louisville, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Villanova, Ohio State and Southern Cal are also in the picture, Boynton said.
"I'm still keeping the door open," Boynton said. "When I go on my visits, I want to see how I like the campus and my relationship with the coach will be important. Who they bring in before me and what players they bring in with me will be important, too."
Boynton said he saw the success of the likes of Michael Beasley, Kevin Love and the rest of the talented 2007 class and he'd like to see the 2009 class make a similar impact, including himself.
"I'd like what the freshmen did this year. All of them were successful. I want to our class to be like that," he said. "I want to have a big impact just like they did. I'm going for the education but if the door is open [for the NBA], I might take it."
First he'll need to find a place to fine tune his craft before making the jump.