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High-major offers pouring in for Scotty Middleton

Scotty Middleton
Scotty Middleton (Nick Lucero/

Scotty Middleton debuted in the 2023 Rivals150 at No. 110. The 6-foot-6 small forward, who recently transferred to Bel Aire (Kan.) Sunrise Christian played with the NY Rens (N.Y.) EYBL 16s this Summer.

“Well, some of the things I do best on the court is being vocal and talking my teammates through everything. I’m a really active defender, I can score the basketball on all three levels, and I’m a great teammate,” Middleton said.

Coming from New Jersey and recently making his debut in the rankings, Middleton has a handful of schools who are heavily reaching out to him.

“Right now, I have offers from Penn State, LaSalle, Bryant, Kansas State, DePaul, UConn, Pitt, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M. The schools I hear from the most are Arizona State, DePaul, Kansas State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. I also just got an offer from Ohio State,” Middleton said.


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2023 Rankings: Rivals150



Texas Tech: “Coach Peary and coach Matt are recruiting me. What I know about Texas Tech is They are a really good defensive team and they are tough. They battle to the end no matter the score.”

Kansas State: “Coach Shane Southwell is the coach I’m talking to. All I know about Kansas State is that they were a really young group of guys last year and even though they didn’t have as much experience they still fought to win games last year.”

Oklahoma State: “Coach Terrence Rencher is recruiting me. What I know about Oklahoma State is everybody there really buys into the coaches' game plan. Last year everybody really trusted their role and trusted the coaches So that’s why they won so many games and got that far.”

Arizona State: “Coach Joel Justus is recruiting me. Arizona State is a program who has fun. It looks like it’s fun, there are a lot of smiles and joy there. They are a really good defensive team, and they got out in transition and ran.”

DePaul: “Coach Thomas is recruiting me. I watched a few games from DePaul and it was fun to watch them, They ran their stuff, no team stopped them from running their stuff and everybody was locked in on and off the court with great energy and enthusiasm for each other.”

Ohio State: We got on the phone, and they just told me how I can fit into their program, and they love how Versatile I am. They had a 6-foot-7 guard that played the 1, 2, 3 so they envisioned that to be me. I watched a lot of them last year and they were a really tough team that fought fans every night.”



“I’m really focused on getting my relationship better with all the coaches when the season starts, and I get to watch everybody. I'll see how I would fit into their program.” Middleton said, “Really when I start to visit some schools, I’m just looking for it to feel like home, I want to go to a school that it’s like my second home really. What I’m looking for in a program is really just honesty, being honest with each other on how I would fit into their program and my role on the team and my relationship with the coaches and staff.”



Middleton is a lengthy wing prospect who really excels on the defensive end of the floor. Despite his slender frame, Middleton is a real terror as a wing defender, with great anticipation in the passing lanes as well as quick feet on the ball. On offense, he is going to have to continue tightening the jump shot and handle, but he is a slippery athlete when he gets downhill into the lane.