Henkel Gets 100-Mile Waiver, But....

There was also good news for Eric Henkel, the 6-4 shooting guard from Sentinel High School in Missoula, Montana.
Henkel, along with Tyler Koenig, was named in the class action suit filed in the federal district court in Philadelphia. According to attorney Richard Meltzer, Henkel also received the OK last week and is at the Big Time Tournament playing with the Eastern Washington Elite. Henkel is an all-state first teamer who was Montana's leading scorer with 22.6 points per game.
But Bobby Nash, the 6-5 swingman from Honolulu, Hawaii, was notified that his request to continue competing with Darren Matsubara's EBO traveling squad was denied. Nash was able to make arrangements to join Glen Takara's Hawaii Raiders and is competing this week at the Big Tiome Tournament in Las Vegas.
Contrary to what was reported by the Associated Press last week, Meltzer said the case is not over. Meltzer pointed out that the petition was filed as a class action. While it will soon be moot for this year, the rule still will affect players in the future.
Meltzer said he's only aware of another player who received a decision (denial) from the NCAA.