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Hawes: 2006 Prospect Watch

Already at 6-foot-10, 2006 prospect Spencer Hawes, is still growing. The Seattle center for Seattle Prep and Friends of Hoop is soon to have a growing list of schools recruiting him.
“Spencer will be a top prospect in 2006,” said Coach Jim Marsh of Friends of Hoop. “His uncle was a 15 year player in the NBA and his father was a very good player. He has it in his genes.”
“He is still growing and will probably be a seven footer. He has good moves with his left and right hand and good footwork. He just needs to get stronger.”
Hawes does not log a lot of minutes playing behind some very good 2005 prospects, but when he relieved a foul plagued Jon Brockman early in the second half against the Georgia Stars, his potential was evident.
He knocked down a pull up jumper on the left wing and was active in the paint. He just didn’t have the strength to establish consistent positioning down low.
“Right now I am working on my footwork and beefing up,” said Hawes, who wears size 18 shoes. “I didn’t use to be this tall, so I have a jump shot. Now I am working on my game down low. I’m trying to find the right balance between a finesse game and power game.”
Right now Hawes is receiving attention from some Pac 10 schools, namely Washington and UCLA. San Diego and Utah are also recruiting the budding big man.
Look for a lot of other high majors to begin the pursuit as the summer continues.