Harvey planning more visits

After taking official visits to Southern California and Rutgers, Eugene Harvey is looking forward to taking as many as three more official visits. The 6-foot-0, 165-pound point guard from St. Benedict's Prep School is going to taken an official visit to Cincinnati on Monday. The three-star prospect stated that two more visits could happen after that.
"I am going to take an official visit to Cincinnati on Monday," said Harvey. "I just want to get a feel for the school and see what things are like at Cincinnati. I also hope to play some basketball with some of the players. That is the only visit that I have planned right now, but I think that I might take two more visits after that."
Having already taken official visits to Southern California and Rutgers, Harvey, the three-star prospect, is just not ready to make a decision about his future. Harvey knows how important this decisions is, which is why he has decided to take some additional visits.
"I might take a visit to Maryland after I return home from my visit to Cincinnati," said Harvey. "I am still looking at Florida and Pittsburgh. There is a chance that I could take a visit to Pittsburgh, but I have not made a decision about that yet. I will probably have a better idea once I return home from Cincinnati.
"I don't have any leaders or favorites at this time," he added. "Everybody on my list is pretty much the same. I am going to sign a Letter-of-Intent during the late signing period. I hope to get that done next month."
Eugene Harvey Scouting Report: "Harvey is a pass first point guard who is more of a driver than shooter at this point. Adept at executing the high ball screen, he can get to the basket and finish with either hand. He is also a good athlete who can defend the ball. -Jerry Meyer