Harris collecting offers while staying at home

Quality point guards are a rarity in the class of 2008 this year and coaches from coast to coast are trying to identify the guys that can be trusted with the ball in their hands. One player is seeing the big-timers come through his school a lot this spring. Dashan Harris is hoping he can open some eyes and earn offers along the way.
The 6-foot, 170-pound lead guard from Montverde (Fla.) Academy has all of the tools to be one of the elite level floor generals in the 2008 class, says his high school coach Kevin Sutton.
"I think he does three things that separate himself from the rest of the pack," Sutton said. "He defends for a full game from end to end. He's a full court defender. I think he sets the tone defensively first and foremost. He plays at a pace offensively that separates himself, which means he involves his teammates early in the game and late in the game, he has the ability to make shots that help you win championships."
Harris piloted Montverde to an undefeated season this year and is now hoping to improve on his game in the off-season. Harris has been missing in action at the top grassroots events this spring, opting to stay in Florida and work on his game instead.
Not playing on the spring AAU circuit is being compensated with time spent at Montverde in order to work on his jump shot with repetition. He's also rehabbing his ankle that bothered him in the high school season.
Despite being a missing face on the travel circuit, teams are coming to Florida to see him instead.
Wake Forest, Arizona State, Kentucky and Texas A&M are making their way to Montverde Academy on Wednesday, Sutton said. Since the Final Four, Indiana, Cal, Cincinnati, North Carolina, Oregon State and Florida State have all been in to see Harris. Sutton said Duke has put in a feeler call as well and could potentially stop by next week. Indiana, Cal, Cincinnati, Arizona and Arizona State have all offered, Sutton said.
Sutton added Harris will take his time before picking a school.
"He's the consummate point guard on and off the court. He's going to look at all of his situations and definitely take the cerebral approach to everything and gather all of the information up first," Sutton said. "Then he'll have to figure out if it will be early or late."
Harris will make an appearance at the Tournament of Champions in North Carolina come May. He will also participate in a 5-star camp, one of the national shoe camps and the NBA Players Association camp.
"He has built a nice reputation for himself. He's played against those top players and his teams have won in those games. What's important for him now is to be seen at the right venue where he's playing at his best, where he looks the best," Sutton said. "When you are a young player, you want to play as often as you can so you can build your reputation and when you are a senior and you have gone to the proverbial wars and played against the so-called best players, the most important thing is protecting the reputation."