Gulley fielding all kinds of interest

The Real Deal on the Hill AAU tournament brings in coaches from all over the country in April. One of the venues used for the event is Fayetteville High School. While the loaded tournament is still many months away, coaches are making back to the high school again to see one of the top point guards in the nation.
Fred Gulley, a 6-foot-3 long-armed and athletic point guard, is drawing a crowd these days at Fayetteville High like an AAU tournament was going on. However, Gulley is the main attraction instead of a team full of players.
"A lot of coaches have been in to see me at my school. Missouri has been in. Baylor has been in. Memphis is supposedly coming and Virginia. Arkansas, of course, has been by," Gulley said. ""It makes practicing much better because it brings everyone's game out more."
Gulley, a top 20 point guard in the class of 2009, knows what is expected of him. He doesn't have to look far to see the success that other players have had that hailed from the same school.
His sister, LaToya, was a two-time all-state performer at Fayetteville, and his cousin Ronnie Brewer is going into his second year with the Utah Jazz after playing at the University of Arkansas.
"I want to follow in their footsteps. There have been a number of really good players that have come out of Fayetteville High School and I want to be right there with them and hopefully have a good career," Gulley said.
The Razorbacks are a stone's throw away from Fayetteville High. The SEC is obviously involved heavily. Gulley has also visited Texas A&M, Baylor and to Missouri twice.
"I'm thinking about going to Kentucky for midnight madness and Virginia is trying to get me to come out there for a visit sometime soon. That's a good ways away so I'm not sure about that one," he said.
With offers from Arkansas, Mizzou, Baylor and Tulsa and interest from a number of schools, Gulley said he hears all kinds of pitches from coaches. And especially from Texas A&M and Arkansas.
"They obviously have ties and that is a draw to me but right now I'm still open and eventually I'll make a decision on what is best for me. But in the meantime, I'm going to get an earful from my friends and family about Arkansas and Texas A&M. I get a lot of stuff but it's going to come down to what is best is for me.
"I'm going to sit down with my family after my AAU season and make a decision," Gulley said.