Growth Spurt Ignites D-1 Interest

Many of the kids in the Fayetteville area have something in common with Ronnie Brewer, the 6'6" standout from Fayetteville High - They are wearing his clothes. Since the start of ninth grade, Brewer has grown a remarkable 10 inches, and a lot of needy children in his hometown have been the recipients of shirts and pants that he barely had a chance to break in.
"I try to keep in the community because there are a lot of underprivileged kids down in the area by my church," said Brewer. "Since I've grown so much, I try to donate all my clothes to the church so the little kids can wear them."
Brewer's growth spurts have paid dividends on the court, where he is one of the top players in the region. As a 5'8" freshman, Brewer was one of the smaller players on the squad and was pegged to be a point guard. As he grew, he branched out into other positions. Soon, there wasn't a position on the floor that he didn't see at one time or another.
"I went from one of the smallest players on the team to one of the tallest," said Brewer. "I kept up with the ballhandling, and that is why most coaches put me at the point."
During his sophomore season, Brewer was more of a perimeter player. However, after an offseason where he worked to put on weight, as well as increase his speed and tenacity, a different player took the court. The result was a more varied attack this season that saw Brewer take his game closer to the basket when needed, where he was a greater force on the glass. He averaged 26 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.
"Not only can I score, but if I need to, I can also switch to a role where I can handle the ball and dish it out," said Brewer when asked what college coaches see in him. Head coaches from Kansas Ole Miss, Arkansas and Tulsa have been down to the gym to see Brewer work out. Other schools on his "list" include Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, UConn, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. Although Brewer asserts that he is a long way off from a decision, Kansas is his early leader.
Qualifying will not be an issue for Brewer, who holds a 3.0 GPA and has already received a qualifying score on the ACT. The goal for the near future will be improving his game and impressing college scouts on the summer circuit. He is playing AAU ball with the Arkansas Hawks. The team is currently wrapped up in their state competition, but you can expect to see Brewer at summer hot-spots such as Nike, Peach Jam, Big Time, and Bob Gibbons.