Green collection of offers growing

Looking for a name to follow this season from the class of 2009? Try Erick Green. The 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard from Millbrook High School in Winchester, Va., caught our eye in the summer time and is primed for another big season this year.
The three-star guard enjoyed a productive AAU season and shined with the Triple Threat 16 and under club. After finishing the season last year in the first round of the state tournament last year, Green said he has higher expectations this year.
"This season I expect to win a state championship. That is the real goal in my mind," said Green, who averaged 15 points and four assists a game as a sophomore. "We have the potential to do it."
The combo guard has good scoring potential and has no problems moving between both backcourt positions. Green said he likes what direction his game is going this season.
"I see the court a lot better than I did last year. I think I'm more mature on the court, too," Green said. "I think I can shoot the ball a lot better and I'm stepping up more as a leader now, too."
He recently picked up offers from St. Joseph's and Virginia Tech, joining George Mason and James Madison.
"I really like both of those schools," Green said of St. Joseph's and Virginia Tech. "I like coach Martelli. He came up to the school and saw me. I've had a chance to talk to him and he's a good guy. I really like him," Green said. "I think I'd like to play for him if I choose to go there."
Green said he has been to St. Joseph's at the start of the school year and hopes to visit Virginia Tech. Western Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth, Penn State, NC State and Hampton have also shown interest.
"I want to look at style of play. I want to run and play full court defense. I like that up-tempo style of play. That seems to fit me the best," Green said. "I think I'll decide after this basketball season or after the summer. It will most likely by after the summer."