Georgia shooter has options

Louis Williams dominated Atlanta's Gwinnett County for the last four years but now that the former prep star is now in the NBA, the scoring reigns have been handed over to Chris Allen. The 6-foot-3, 175-pound shooting guard from Meadowcreek torched defenses last year with his long range scoring and after a great summer, he's looking to add more facets to his already deadly arsenal.
Allen has emerged as one of the top scoring guards in the country. He can light it up from deep but over the summer, he's improved his ability to score at the rim and distribute the ball to his teammates.
"I know I could have done better but overall I thought I did good," Allen said. "I'm not doing anything differently. I'm just trying to play well enough to get colleges to look at me."
Job well done then.
Allen said his list of schools include Michigan State, Miami, Florida, Georgia (offer), Clemson (offer), Connecticut, Tennessee, Auburn, Virginia, Rutgers and Georgia Tech.
He took an unofficial visit to Georgia and hung out with the hoop Dawgs during the Boise State-UGA football game.
"It was good. I had a real good time. There were 20,000 people out there tailgating," Allen said. "There was food everywhere."
Allen said he's headed to Knoxville next weekend to see the University of Tennessee. He also said he's not sure if he's going to see Georgia Tech or Auburn the week after. Allen's father Stacy said they'll head up to Michigan State on Oct. 1.
Even with the potential trips, recruiting isn't a big priority now for the junior, he says.
"I want to just go out and play and be better than what I was last year," Allen said. "I'm weighing my options and gathering information."