Gary Forbes QA

Gary Forbes, a 6-5, 202 pound swingman from Benjamin Banneker H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently sat down with the Insiders Report/ regarding his recruitment.
Forbes is planning on visiting three ACC programs this fall, with trips to Virginia (9/13-15), Georgia Tech (9/21-23) and N.C. State (TBA). He also said he is considering UConn, Cincinnati and Mississippi State.
Forbes said he will take at least those three trips, and possibly a fourth, before announcing a fall decision and signing in November.
Here is the transcript of the interview that conducted with Forbes: Why have you set up the trips to Virginia and Georgia Tech first? Do they stack up at the top of your list right now?
Gary Forbes: Well, it doesn't really go in order, but Georgia Tech was one of the first schools on my recruiting list when I wasn't that high in the rankings. So I feel that I owe them that respect to visit them early. Virginia is so close, so I might as well just make that early, too. There's no particular order.
RH: Would it be fair to say that those schools are in the early lead for your services?
GF: It all depends on the campus visits. I told all of the coaches that for me to make my decision on which school I want to go to, it's about education and campus life. The basketball is there. They are all top schools. The ACC is a step away from the NBA.
RH: You've also talked about visiting both N.C. State and UConn this fall. What is about those two programs that you like, and where do they see you fitting in?
GF: N.C. State did a lot with Julius Hodge, and he's a New York player. We are kind of similar in terms of our games. And they play my style of game, which is pressing and running. And UConn has done so much with wing forwards, like Richard Hamilton, Ray Allen and Caron Butler.
RH: You also mentioned Cincinnati and Mississippi State as potential college destinations. Can you touch on your interest in each of those schools?
GF: One of the reasons that Mississippi State is on my list is because of Gary Ervin. He's a great point guard and I love playing with him. This past summer, I had a lot of fun with him and got so used to him that my game has developed better through him. They are probably not as strong on my list as some of the schools on the East Coast, because I am not sure how fun a place Starkville, Mississippi is. Cincinnati started to call me after the Super Showcase. Basically, the only reason that has happen is because they have fallen out with Elliah [Karron] Clarke [committed to Miami]. He's a good friend of mind. The program and the success they've had is the main reason I am considering them.
RH: Would it be safe to say, based on what you told us, that Virginia, Georgia Tech, N.C. State and UConn are your top four?
GF: Yes, that's basically my top four, but I have an idea that I am going ACC no matter what. The only reason why UConn is on my list is that they are one of the top Big East schools.
RH: Are any of the schools on your list recruiting you to play a specific position, either the two or the three?
GF: It doesn't matter. I feel I can contribute to any college team. I can play the point, the two or the three. With Riverside this year, I played the four when we had a smaller lineup. So it doesn't really matter, whatever the coach wants me to do I will do.
RH: Are you definitely going to make a fall decision?
GF: Yes, sometime in mid October through early November, that's when I will make my decision. I want to get it off my mind before the season starts.
RH: Are you going to definitely take three of four trips, or if you have a great experience on one of your early visits, could you see yourself ending the process earlier than that?
GF: I don't think so. I think I owe all of the schools the respect that if I plan a visit, I should take that visit. That's the type of person I am, and that's the way my parents raised me.