Gary Ervin Has A Top Four List

Gary Ervin, an aggressive 6-0, 173 pound combo guard from Robeson H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y., has pared his
list down to four. Ervin, who had previously
considered Auburn, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Arizona,
and UConn, now has a list of four that consists of
Seton Hall, Cincinnati, Rutgers, and Miami.
Ervin, perhaps the most underrated guard coming out
of New York City this year, is a jet in transition and
explosive off the dribble. He changes direction
swiftly and collects points both off slashing buckets
and perimeter shots. Ervin is extremely athletic; in
Robeson's 92-84 victory over Benjamin Banneker Academy
on Tuesday, the Brooklyn native punctuated two fast
breaks with emphatic two-handed stuffs, one of which
he leapt off two feet. Ervin is a quick leaper who
explodes off the floor.
Ervin has averaged 32 points, 10 assists, and 8
rebounds as one of the better kept secrets in New York
City. In terms of athleticism, he is an elite
prospect. While out of control at times in Robeson's
frenetic schemes, Ervin is a terror in transition,
tearing past defenders off the dribble. He recently
torched Canarsie High School for 56 points, and has
hovered around the 30 point mark all season, as his
average suggests.
Ervin is offensive-minded but is a strong passer,
as well. He has good court instincts and vision, often
finding the open man.
Ervin told RivalsHoops that he will likely make a
decision this spring, but his academic status is still
up in the air. Gary reported that his core standing is
good, but he is waiting on his SAT score. Whether
Ervin is qualified academically or not, he will likely
decide this spring. If he does not qualify, he will go
to a prep school, likely at the choosing of the
college coaching staff of the school he commits to.