Gardner Shines At ABCD

There were many coaches on hand at the ABCD camp to take a look at Thomas Gardner, a 6-4, 200 pound shooting guard from Jefferson H.S. in Portland, Oregon. Gardner was impressive. He has a great feel to the game, is very active, and knows how to score.
Gardner has listed Connecticut, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, and Oregon near the top of his list. saw coaches from Connecticut, Missouri, Florida, and Oregon on hand watching Gardner's games yesterday.
Gardner is one of the better wing prospects in the Class of 2003. He has had solid performances this spring and summer. Gardner turned in a great effort at the Spiece Run N Slam Tournament. A lights out three point bomber who also helps out quite a bit on the glass, Gardner has been offered scholarships thus far by Connecticut, Missouri, Oregon, Kansas and Florida.
Gardner is a well built marksman who is a terrific catch and shoot three point bomber. His body and frame suggests that he could be an athletic player. However, Gardner also can get to the basket. He moves smartly off picks and screens and knows how to free himself some space to score.
Gardner will have plenty of chances to be seen this summer by scouts and college coaches. Gardner began the busy July evaluation period at the adidas ABCD Camp in New Jersey, and then he will attend a trio of events with the Inner City Players: the Final Tournament, the adidas Big Time Tournament and the Best of the Summer Tournament.
This past season at Jefferson, Gardner averaged 15.5 points, seven rebounds and two steals per contest.