Galloway ready for big summer

Ramon Galloway, a 6-foot-3 guard from Dwyer High School in West Palm Beach, Fla., was one of pleasant surprises in the big guard pool for the class of 2009. The three-star guard is ready to keep the momentum rolling heading into the summer.
Galloway pilots the Florida Rams program and played well at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest and the King James event in April. He hopes to shine even more this weekend in North Carolina at the Tournament of Champions.
"I thought I played well but I could have done better. Being that I was playing point guard, it's different from what I'm used to playing as the scoring guard where I'm shooting more," Galloway said. "You have to learn how to score at different points and pass at the same time. It's a learning process. I think I'm going to play the point guard spot in college. I am getting used to it now."

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Recruiting is starting to pick up, too, he says. Memphis, South Florida, Central Florida, South Carolina, Connecticut and Southern Cal have been by Dwyer to see Galloway play in the spring.
"I'm still talking to a lot of the same people. By the end of the year or the end of the summer, I think that's when it is going to change," Galloway said. "That should really show me who really wants me and where I'm good at or what system I'm good it. I should have a better idea by then."
South Florida, Central Florida and Western Kentucky have offered Galloway, he said.
"I like South Carolina, Kentucky and Louisville. That's about it right now. I've talked to coaches from those schools and I like what they've been telling me," Galloway said. "That's a pretty good overall look at who is recruiting me."
Getting better is the priority at this stage of the game.
"By the time July comes, I want to be stronger because that is my weakness. A lot of coaches like me but the thing is I'm a thin player. I've been working hard, I've been going to the weight room to do that so I can get stronger and get faster with the ball."